Global Shoe Consulting


How does it work?




Production consultation ,Technology consultation, Development consultation , Process optimization.

We have expert knowledge in all areas of shoe production, including: development , cutting , sewing and logistics.

All consultants have specialities like:

– Software – CAD –

– Cutting room & dieless cutting

– Stitching room

– Finishing room

– Work studies and methods

The procedure of cooperation with us is :

– A questionary survey has to be filled in by you and after receiving this we will report back to you with our first opinion.

– Analysis of the circumstances.

– On-site visit for data capture based on the systematic assessment – evaluation of      the current state.

– Conception of different possible solutions with budgeting.

– Selection of the optimal solutions, implementation and training of the employees.


First the customer, will fill in the questionnaire, or can contact us by email/phone as well. So that we know if the customer wants a full consultancy in the entire factory, or for just a few segments (like in the cutting room or stitching segment). Based up on the requirement and information given we know which of the consultants we must send to the factory.



What is important?


The concerned parties – employees – to be integrated in the process

– Understanding and acceptance, create motivation.

– Seek advice, to work as a team.

– To define together reasonable and useful steps, practice-orientated and economical thinking.

– Problems and solutions need to be practical and feasible.

– Concrete situations require concrete action-solutions.



– New ideas, inspirations & concepts for your company.

– Competence and longstanding expertise

– Integration of newest technology and analysing techniques.

– Holistic approach at all stages.

– Excellent network and contacts to leading providers of process technologies and

contacts to machinery manufactures and sellers.

– Experienced thinking and acting.

– Reliable and trustworthy partner.



Our process

First the customer, will fill in the questionnaire, or can contact us by email/phone,

so we know if the customer wants a full consultancy for the entire factory, or for just a few segments (like in the cutting room or stitching segment).

Based upon the requirement and information given, we know which of the

consultants we have to send to the factory.

Phase 1:

This will be the first consultation, which will take a minimum of 3 days.

The consultant will inspect the factory, to study where improvement / changes can be made working with the existing machines which are at the factory.

This means in the production lines and for the space which is available in the

building / buildings.

We are here in the phase of collecting data, concerning all aspects which we need to know more in detail. We also require the actual layout plan of the factory, or we will measure it during the visit.


After this visit, a report will be sent by the consultant where we believe inprovement can be made. This will not be a detailed report, but a recommendation report, with options, which can be discussed at the phase 2 meeting.

(this will just be an analysing report)


At this stage the customer should understand where its potentials are and should decide if and how to proceed.

Based on this we will prepare an offer for phase 2.

In this phase 2 offer will be mentioned how many days it will take for the detailed planning of the project.



This consultation will be a minium of 3 days

– This will be a visit to discuss the reorganising of the production / buildings / space etc. and work with the customer to a solution of the mentioned options.

– Meaning, discussing all advantages and disadvantages of each option, percentage of savings etc., as told before, this also depends on the projection and information details  we have received from you as the customer

– Like: costs, altering production, and advising of what machines would be required       (we will be neutral in this case) in case of alterations.

Keep in mind: we do not offer machines yet, this is strictly for guiding the customer,

after this consult, an office job over here has to be made; which means:

– Planning

– Drawing

– Calculating for the change in production.

–  A full detailed report with all actual calculations will be made.

This calculation and planning will be made in our global consult office and is against   extra costs besides the daily costs and must be charged to the customer (otherwise the customer can shop around with these actual numbers and calculations).



Execution of the project!

After the confirmation, G.S.C. will take care of the changes in the factory as agreed.

The consultant will assist / guide the customer in the changes which have to be made in the factory.

This means also for the new machinery that need to be purchased etc.

The period of consultancy depends on the size of the factory / project.

We can even keep the consultant in the factory, on a weekly base for one year

to check and assist untill the changes are working well and to guide the supervisors and other staff in the factory.



The invoicing structure will be:


  1. The order sheet must be filled in and signed by the customers (free of charge).


  1. Proforma invoice for phase 1 must be paid 100% in advance before the consultant will enter the factory.

3 days at the factory and 1 day at Global consult office at EUR €  850,– per day and payment of accommodation and flights.


  1. Invoice phase 2:


50% in advance (daily costs accommodation and flights) and 50% before the final report is ready (otherwise the customer can shop with this very important report).


  1. Invoice phase 3:


This will be done based on the project duration of the consultant / and stay in the factory in the execution of the project. This will be finalised between the factory manager and the consultant after completing phase 2.