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We are very happy to welcome you at our new Global International Sewing Machines website. Take a look and feel free to subsribe to our new quarterly newsletter. At our new website you can take a look at all our  industrial sewing machines. Besides that you can download our brochures and leaftlets of the  industrial sewing machines. Further you can find information off al our industrial sewing machines and Strobel and Ho Hsing products as wel.

As one of the largest distributors in the field of industrial sewing machines, IMCA/Global has a reputation to live up to. We believe that the quality of business is just as important as the quality of life and that’s why we always give a customer the best possible service for our products.

In our 12.000 m2 headquarters in Holland we keep a large stock of machines and parts as well and an unique museum, which shows the history of the sewing machines.

Global International BV. is very proud of her own line of “Global” sewing machines.
This machine program contains over 400 different sewing machine types for the garment, automotive, leather and shoe industry. The “Global” sewing machine stands for quality, durability and are always state of the art.

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Global International bv is the European distributor of HO HSING sewing machine servo motors. As part of the IMCA Group, in our organization quality, reliability and our customers are always number one.

As the European distributor of Ho Hsing motors, Global supplies customers not only with a state of the art motor for every brand of sewing machine, but also with the service a customer needs to have maximum performance
from their sewing machines. With our own Ho Hsing department, Global can guarantee full after sales support, repair, spareparts and provide you with all the information you need about the latest Ho Hsing technologies and updates. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or take a look at our Ho Hsing page


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Global International and Strobel GmbH are proud to inform you that we have made big steps in the cooperation and distribution of the Strobel shoe line, which will be exclusively in the hands of Global International. Strobel will keep producing the machines but wil market or sell these machines through Global exclusively.

Strobel have assembled researchers, devolopers and all employees whose pioneering knowledge and skills make a distinctive contribution to their innovations at their location in south Germany. It goes without saying that all Strobel machines are manufactured in Germany. This means you are guaranteed a consistently superior quality.

For more information about Strobel you can take a look at our Strobel Page


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